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SoulRetreats: How to gather your tribe. April 15, 2010

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Our soulretreat was a raging success. So much so that we wrote a book about. Now you can gather your very own Soulssister’s retreat. Read on, dear friends, read on!

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Do you want to form a Soultribe of your very own? Are you longing to hole up with some like minded friends for nurture and comfort, but you aren’t sure where to start? SoulRetreats: how to host a tribe with art soul is just what you’ve been looking for — a practical-but-beautiful book to walk you through the steps of organizing your very own SoulRetreat. We’ll help you do it without financial burdens or hosting burn-out. And we’ll do it for just $20 — a small price to pay to be on your way to a tribe to call home.

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SoulRelreats: How to host a tribe with art and soulHere’s what’s inside:
SoulRetreats is a soulful, instructive eBook written by Rachelle Mee-Chapman, with special guests Jennifer McGuiggan, Jolie Guillebeau and Rebecca Dallin. Within its 59 pages you’ll find poetic essays nestled alongside practical “YBH” (yes, but how?) instructions. In addition there are webpages where you can share your experiences with other readers; and links to the free online tools you’ll need to make your Soulretreat practical and easy. Because art and beauty are of high value at Magpie Girl, SoulRetreats has an attractive layout with photos and design elements by Neil Sittler of Stickflower Designs.

When you buy SoulRetreats, you’ll also received a link to our free book, SoulFood: how to cook for tribe. SoulFood includes delicious vegetarian and gluten-free recipes by Jolie Guillebeau, and ecumenical table blessings gathered by Jessica Schafer. It makes cooking with your soultribe easy and satistfying.

You have everything you need! Let’s get started.

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Contents of SoulRetreats

  • How Something Good Finally Got Born
  • Preparing for Your Soultribe
  • Unpacking: Letting Go of Past Tribes
  • Invitations and Introductions
  • How to Quash a Gremlin Uprising
  • Not the Mom: Creating Co-Ownership in a Tribe
  • Sample SoulRetreat Schedule
  • Tabletop Spirituality
  • Ten Tips for SoulRetreat SoulFood
  • How Not to Lose Money
  • Follow-Up: *8Things to Keep Your Soultribe Connected

Order SoulRetreats: How to host a tribe with art and soul. ($20)

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