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And Now a Word from our (Un)Sponsors July 17, 2009

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So I’ve heard through my Twitter and email that our Gremlins are chattering away at us and they aren’t being very nice. Gremlins, for those of you new readers our there, are the little voices in our heads who tell us un-true things. Most of the time they are trying to help, but they are a little mis-guided. But sometimes they are just downright being nasty.


According to Jen Lee, she of the Lovebombers–a group which was the inspiration for Soulsisters–the Gremlins like to get chatty right before we gather up with other powerful, creative women. And one of the things they like to say best is:


“You don’t belong here and nobody is going to like you.”


Yeah, you’re right back in Jr. High. Sucks.


So what can we do about it? I like to build my Gremlins a house where they can sit down and have a nice Gin and Tonic and SHUT UP ALREADY. I also write down all the things they are saying to me and put those quotes away for them. That way the Gremlins know I’m listening to them and sometimes quieten down. It also helps to say a little affirmation. My Gremlins are pretty silly, so I like the silly affirmation from Bill Smiley (was that his name?) on SNL:


“I’m loveable, I’m capable, and doggonit, people like me!”


When all else fails call a Soulsister and ask her to tell you *8Things that are Great about You. (She won’t mind, honest.) And remember, if your Gremlins are talking a blue streak, it’s a sure sign that something good is trying to get itself born.


Are your Gremlins coming out? (They also like to mess with your relationship with your significant other; sneeze on your children so they get strep throat right before you leave; and pour sugar in your carburetor.) What are your Gremlins up to? What are your tricks for dealing with the pesky little buggers? How can we help?


3 Responses to “And Now a Word from our (Un)Sponsors”

  1. Jen Payne Says:

    Ha, I was just talking to a girlfriend about insecurity this morning… yes, junior high here we are. This post helps, all the gremlin suggestions you listed help, anything that gets the thoughts outside my own head is a huge first step. They might not go away, but at least then they aren’t the only possibility… Can’t wait to be there tomorrow with you all, and all our gremlins too!

  2. Lisa Says:

    My gremlins have been total sh*ts this week. Unbelievably loud and obnoxious. I had a meeting with my spiritual director last night and whew, was that ever exactly what I needed. My gremlins are managed when I return to the “real Lisa”.

  3. Jolie Says:

    Yeah, my husband came home really sick and I started feeling guilty, then I started worrying that no one is going to like my crazy recipes, then I started worrying that no one was going to like me, then I decided to have a beer and start packing.

    Stupid gremlins.

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