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Meet Your Soulsister: Jen Payne June 29, 2009

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A happy moment with my Jen's (Lemen on the left, Payne on the right.)

A happy moment with my Jen's (Lemen on the left, Payne on the right.)

Somehow, Jen Payne found our (former) soulcare community in Seattle, Monkfish Abbey — and I’m so glad she did! She’s always a source of practical wisdom mixed with plenty of good humor.

One of my favorite things about talking with Jen is that she asks good questions — which I always, always need. Jen warmed the cockles of my heart this year when she asked if we could have a regular Skype chat across the oceans. I can’t wait to see her on our hometurf in July! Say hi to this warm, clever woman…

Jen’s Introduction:

I am a mental health therapist and see clients in my private practice and work part-time at a psychiatric hospital. I’m mother to two wild and beautiful red-headed girls and twelve years married to a closet artist who has finally come out into the open as a painter. I’ve journaled since I was a very young girl, and writing is what keeps me alternately scraped off the floor and the ceiling. I also dabble in other creative expressions, and am coming to the retreat to bask in the glory of the artists Rachelle knows, and because I love Rachelle with all my heart.


2 Responses to “Meet Your Soulsister: Jen Payne”

  1. ShariMacD Says:

    Jen, I’m so envious (in the nicest possible way) that you were a part of Monkfish Abbey! I adore Rachelle, too, and know that you must be wonderful, since you are a dear friend of hers! Wise people who have a good sense of humor and ask good questions are my favorite kind of people! Can’t wait to meet you!!!

    • Jen Payne Says:

      Shari, thanks for the comment, I’m sorry I only just saw it! I’m really looking forward to meeting you this weekend too! We can sit around and ask each other good questions. :)

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