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Your Hope : My Hope June 6, 2009

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Dear Soulsisters,

A year ago I was a big soggy mess. I could be found regularly crying on phone to my original soulsister Jen Lemen, mourning the loss of my soultribe,  and trying to figure out how to survive the isolation of being an expat in a not-so-friendly culture. Jen was going to the Lovebombgatherings, which was making me die of envy. Somewhere along the way she pointed out that I could organize my own little clan–that in fact, anyonecould organize their own little clan–and the idea for this Soulsisters retreat was born.


I spent six months just dreaming of this retreat: imagining the feel; thinking of what we would chat about; imagining lovely meals with whole food and good wine; letting many different combinations of guests list drift through my mind.


Jen suggested that Iwrite  just for the sisters I hoped to gather. (That would be YOU!) So I started concentrating my work on Magpie Girl into targeted  series that would support the kind of women I love: creative souls who live with intention, but still embody a spirit of fun.


Finally, I played around with different themes. These were some early drafts: 


Soulsisters ’09: The Mutual Adoration Tour
Soulsisters ’09: The “What I Already Know Tour”
Soulsisters ’09: The “Let’s Get is Started in Here” Tour
Soulsisters ’09: The “Oh-My-God-If-I-Don’t-Get-Some-Support-Here-I’m-Gonna-Lose-It” Tour

(That last one lacks a certain finesse.)


Out of those six months of planning the seeds for the Soulsister tribe-and-retreat were planted. But they can’t fully bloom without you! (Corny, I know, but you get the picture. :-)


One of my main goals for Soulsisters is that our tribe be lead communally, and that we set the tone and spirit of our new clan together. I so desperately want to hear from you!  So here’s the big Q:


What are your hopes for the Soulsisters retreat (and for our ongoing relationship with each other?)


Please put them in the comments below so that as we can fine tune the retreat to meet as many hopes as possible.


If you are having a hard time naming your hopes, try an *8Thingslist. *8Things is a game I play when I need to quite down my monkey mind. It’s how I started dreaming of Soulsisters ’09 — just by listing *8 words that described the “feel” I was dreaming of at our retreat.


We have just a few weeks left to finish our dreamy plans, so please let me know your hopes as soon as possible. Then, based on what y’all say, we’ll make a the  Big Ask and find out who’s inspired to lead our afternoon workshops. (In case you don’t recall the plan, we’ll have a couple of sister-led afternoon workshops to teach us a new skill or walk us through some sort of dream-reaching exercise. In the spirit of Sacred Commerce, those sisters who lead a workshop will get a little love kick-back of $50 off the price of the retreat.)


In the meantimes, here’s my hopes for our Soulsiter-y-ness. What are yours?


Yours in Sisterhood,



 My hope for the Soulsister’s Retreat is:

-that each of us will find the support and commraderie we need for the journey we are on, as individuals and together. (“There ain’t no place to go but together.”)

-that we will find practical, concrete help, tools, and suggestions– -and mabye a good swift kick in the pants — to get to the next stage of our creative and vocational dreams. (Let’s unstuckify!)

-that each of you will feel lavished with love and admiration for the wonderful beings you are and the amazing work that you do. (Mutual admiration rocks! Let’s take all the strokes we can get!)

-that we feel empowered because we created something we needed the way weneeded it to happen. (Go sistahs!)


13 Responses to “Your Hope : My Hope”

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  2. PunditMom Says:

    You have NO idea how much I would need this!

  3. Lisa Says:

    I love the idea of organizing my thoughts via an 8 things list. So here’s my 8 hopes/yearnings for our retreat:

    1. a place to belong
    2. encouragement to dig in long term to a soulful artistic practice.
    3. to see myself as an insider, not an outsider
    4. to be bigger. (more of me, less of me mimicking other ideas)
    5. to have a firecracker of excitement go off inside of me
    6. to face up to artistic fearfulness that is lurking in so many of my corners.
    7. to laugh so often and so hard that my stomach hurts
    8. to be admired and to be admiring.

  4. Jolie Says:

    I, too, like 8 things as a way to organize my hopes for this… so my hopes for this retreat are:

    1. to establish connections and move in to community.
    2. to unwind a bit with a glass of wine and good chats.
    3. to move past some places where I feel stuck.
    4. to laugh until my sides hurt at least once.
    5. to grow and learn from all of you.
    6. to eat good food together.
    7. to process some of the things I’ve been thinking.
    8. to dangle my feet in the Puget Sound.

    I can’t wait!

  5. Becky Says:

    I love what you wrote, Rachelle, about gathering with “creative souls who live with intention, but still embody a spirit of fun.” That’s exactly who I want to be and the kind of person I want to be with.

    I don’t have huge expectations for the retreat, since I know it’s only a few days together. I suppose my desire is to simply gain:
    – perspective
    – encouragement
    – inspiration
    – connection

    I am going with an open mind and open heart and expecting good things.

  6. melba Says:

    When I first started blogging in 2005 I tried to create a retreat of like spirited souls in my neck of the woods. I started out so enthusiastic, but I allowed myself to get too distracted. I struggled with balancing what needed to get done for the gathering to materialize and staying actively engaged (and happy) being a homemaker. Although the gathering didn’t turn out the way I had originally planned, (like everything in life) I grew from the experience.

    Daydreaming is an important key step I didn’t do enough of.

    I wish you the best dreams ever!

  7. Great idea! I’m so excited about this! My hopes are…

    • Get inspired by, and feel connected to, other creative women. (Writing can feel like very isolating work!)
    • Connect with the spiritual side (inspiration, muse) of my writing work.
    • To get unstuck and talk about issues of fear as it relates to creating/writing.
    • To connect about process versus result. (I tend to obsess a bit about the end product, which makes me freeze up and short-circuits my writing process.)
    • To enjoy a feeling of belonging.
    • Organizational tips for researching/organizing my new novel (if anyone has any such tips).
    • To get feedback, and get excited, about my newest novel project!

  8. Jessica Says:

    I am really looking forward to this retreat! I cannot wait to meet everyone. My hopes for the weekend include:

    soaking up a deeply creative atmosphere
    finding a place to belong
    picking the brains of those around me on various topics
    working on my poetry and on a book project
    revelling in the power of soul friendships

  9. My Hopes:

    1. To understand — finally, deeply, and truly — that I belong
    2. To uncover my special brand of magic and step into my power
    3. To gain clarity on my creative goals and personal best-practices
    4. To reflect others’ beauty back to them
    5. To have fun and laugh
    6. To build meaningful, sustainable connections
    7. To commune with water, land, and sky
    8. To learn when to be still and when to move-move-move!

  10. Ok, so I totally stumbled across the magpie-girl blog.
    I seriously listened to like 5 podcasts and had to show my husband how stinking cool that shit is….even in the midst of him trying to sequence an electronic music lick on his synth. To interrupt in such a crucial moment is really, not cool…but I had to. I married a rad software architect, geek sheek guy and moved from Seattle (where I was in grad school) to reno to be with him and my 2 step-children (who we have 50%). It has been a trip. We are living a rad life of trial and error, and left our church 6 months ago after we realized that we thought it was bullshit that they were buying land, when they could barely afford to pay the staff…(not even sure I believe in paid clergy, but that’s another subject entirely) So my point, is that I want to go on this retreat to be around women who are real, but it seems that you already have people lined up?!?!
    Can you holla? My etsy sho

  11. Jen Payne Says:

    Hopes, good idea Rachelle, thanks for pulling us together!

    – I’m going to be perfectly honest in saying that my biggest anticipation is several glorious days with Rachelle. I can’t wait to see you, my dear. :)
    – new friends! with women I most likely wouldn’t have found on my own. and much soulful conversation together.
    – expansion for my mind/heart/soul which at the present moment, for various reasons, feel constricted. I’m thinking of this on a personal level but of course the personal and vocational are intimately intertwined.
    – yes, belonging and admiration, truly.
    – and a sense of rest and pleasure in retreat, sharing good food, sitting in the sunshine, simple pleasures shared.

    • magpiegirl777 Says:

      Thanks all for putting your hope for Soulsisters 09 into words. (Sorry for the delay in “approving” them for the blog — there was technical difficulty.)

      I’m looking forward to seeing how the giant pool of wisdom that lies amongst and betwix us answers ours questions and points us in the right direction!

  12. […] model, which means everything we are doing on the retreat is based on what you shared in your hopes and bios. If you can host one of the following things, please let me know. It doesn’t have to […]

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