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Video Invite from Magpie Girl May 11, 2009

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Update: Soulsisters 09 is now full, but we are including this here so you can see just how easy it is to gather a tribe. Drop your questions in the comments, or email Rachelle if you need help. Cheers.


We’re asking the universe to send us two more beautiful souls. Click the link to watch the video invite, then see the extra info below. Cheers!

Soulsisters Retreat Invite (Video)


Do you connect with any of these souls? Then the Universe might be sending you our way. (Plus there are others coming who don’t blog, but who are fan-damn-tastic–trust me!)

Dancing Mermaid
Paintings and Musings
Stories from the Word Cellar
Shari MacDonald Strong

The Details (once more):

Soulsisters Retreat
July 18-21st
Hartsine Island, Washington (click for pics)
$350 (includes three nights of a shared bed & meals)
The Loose Format: There will be time to work on your own project or just relax in the mornings; workshops lead by Soulsisters in the afternoon; after-dinner feedback/group support; and some time on the water or in the water. (hot tub anyone?)

If  you’ve been reading at least on of our blogs for the past few months, and you feel like we’d connect….

If you can come up with the funds, the airfare, and the childcare…

If  you want to be a part of a creative circle of supportive women…

Then email me at moi @ magpie-girl dot com and let me know you want to come. We’ll see who the universe brings for our last two slots and let you know!


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