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Let’s Talk Travel: Airport and Carpools May 11, 2009

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This post was put together via email by Jennifer McGuiggian, soulsister extraordinarie and caretaker of The Word Cellar. The care and keeping of a soultribe is a joint effort — so a big “thank you” to Jenna for keeping our travel ducks in a row.

 1. Fights: If you’re flying, fly into Seattle (Sea/Tac). Tuesdays and Wednesdays may be the best days to go online to book flights. According to NPR, that’s when the airlines are most likely to offer reduced prices. Please let us know your flight info once you have it, so we can coordinate travel to the retreat house (see #2 below).

 2. Rental cars: Harstine Island has no public transport. If you’re interested in sharing a rental car, please let us know. Or if you will have a car with you and are willing to pick up people, even better!

 3. Additional Time in Seattle & Accommodations: Let us know if you’re coming in early or staying after the retreat and are interested in finding and sharing accommodation with other soulsisters. Rachelle says that she uses to find hotels in Seattle and can often get something right in the downtown core for under $100. She says the 4-5 stars will put you in the Westin (if you are lucky) or the Sheraton right downtown; 3-4 stars puts you in the Holiday Inn or similar just a bit uptown. If you get something downtown you can take a bus or grab a hotel shuttle to one of the major hotels (even if your hotel doesn’t have a shuttle service.) For instance, taking the shuttle to either of the above hotels will get you smack dab into downtown, and from there you can walk, bus, or take a shorter (i.e. cheaper) cab ride.

 4. Seattle Activities: If you are familiar with the Seattle area, please share your tips on what to do and see. Rachelle will also try to provide some of this information to help those of us who are adding a few days to our trip.

 Thanks for your help with all of this. We’re really excited to build our tribe and see you all in July.




2 Responses to “Let’s Talk Travel: Airport and Carpools”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I’ll be driving down from Vancouver and can pick up someone on the way down. I only have one seat….but we can drive with the top down!

  2. Thanks, Lisa! I’m working on figuring out the ridesharing options, and either Rachel or I will get that out to everyone soon(ish). :)

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