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Let’s Talk Travel: Airport and Carpools May 11, 2009

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This post was put together via email by Jennifer McGuiggian, soulsister extraordinarie and caretaker of The Word Cellar. The care and keeping of a soultribe is a joint effort — so a big “thank you” to Jenna for keeping our travel ducks in a row.

 1. Fights: If you’re flying, fly into Seattle (Sea/Tac). Tuesdays and Wednesdays may be the best days to go online to book flights. According to NPR, that’s when the airlines are most likely to offer reduced prices. Please let us know your flight info once you have it, so we can coordinate travel to the retreat house (see #2 below).

 2. Rental cars: Harstine Island has no public transport. If you’re interested in sharing a rental car, please let us know. Or if you will have a car with you and are willing to pick up people, even better!

 3. Additional Time in Seattle & Accommodations: Let us know if you’re coming in early or staying after the retreat and are interested in finding and sharing accommodation with other soulsisters. Rachelle says that she uses to find hotels in Seattle and can often get something right in the downtown core for under $100. She says the 4-5 stars will put you in the Westin (if you are lucky) or the Sheraton right downtown; 3-4 stars puts you in the Holiday Inn or similar just a bit uptown. If you get something downtown you can take a bus or grab a hotel shuttle to one of the major hotels (even if your hotel doesn’t have a shuttle service.) For instance, taking the shuttle to either of the above hotels will get you smack dab into downtown, and from there you can walk, bus, or take a shorter (i.e. cheaper) cab ride.

 4. Seattle Activities: If you are familiar with the Seattle area, please share your tips on what to do and see. Rachelle will also try to provide some of this information to help those of us who are adding a few days to our trip.

 Thanks for your help with all of this. We’re really excited to build our tribe and see you all in July.




Video Invite from Magpie Girl

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Update: Soulsisters 09 is now full, but we are including this here so you can see just how easy it is to gather a tribe. Drop your questions in the comments, or email Rachelle if you need help. Cheers.


We’re asking the universe to send us two more beautiful souls. Click the link to watch the video invite, then see the extra info below. Cheers!

Soulsisters Retreat Invite (Video)


Do you connect with any of these souls? Then the Universe might be sending you our way. (Plus there are others coming who don’t blog, but who are fan-damn-tastic–trust me!)

Dancing Mermaid
Paintings and Musings
Stories from the Word Cellar
Shari MacDonald Strong

The Details (once more):

Soulsisters Retreat
July 18-21st
Hartsine Island, Washington (click for pics)
$350 (includes three nights of a shared bed & meals)
The Loose Format: There will be time to work on your own project or just relax in the mornings; workshops lead by Soulsisters in the afternoon; after-dinner feedback/group support; and some time on the water or in the water. (hot tub anyone?)

If  you’ve been reading at least on of our blogs for the past few months, and you feel like we’d connect….

If you can come up with the funds, the airfare, and the childcare…

If  you want to be a part of a creative circle of supportive women…

Then email me at moi @ magpie-girl dot com and let me know you want to come. We’ll see who the universe brings for our last two slots and let you know!


Soulsisters 09 Invitation

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Update: Soulsisters 09 is now full. We’re saving this initial invite on the blog so you can see how simple it is to get started. Drop you questions in the comments or shoot me an emails. Cheers, R

Dear Soulsisters,

I would like to invite you to spend the weekend with me on beautiful Hartsine Island in Washington’s Puget Sound. I’m gathering a group of artists, counselors, writers, and dreamers to cozy-up and give each other inspiration, support and encouragement for the journey. Won’t you consider joining us?

What: The Soulsister’s “Mutual Admiration Society Tour” ‘09

When: July 18-20th, departing on the 21st (3 nights, 4 days)

Where: Hartsine Island, Washington

Cost: $350 for three night’s lodgings and meals. (Fee reduced by $50 for those of you who do an afternoon teach-in)

Info: Wake up and gaze at the forest and ocean views through your (shared) bedroom window. Toast yourself a bagel, fill your coffee mug head out to the doc to sit or a sail. Or, opt to stay in with your sketch book or journal and work on a dream. In the afternoon, gather back in the big open kitchen where we’ll make lunch together. Then it’s off to the craft room where we can take turns leading simple workshops to share a skill or teach a trick. By then it might be nap time, or sometime in the sun with a good book. Then I think a communal dinner is in order. This will followed by the option of getting gentle feedback on your projects over a glass of red wine. More wine and sometime in the hot tub should round our days together.

We’ve only 9 spots, so it will be a first-come, first-served situation. We’ll also need half the costs as a non-refundable deposit, which can be sent to my paypal account. 

I can’t wait to introduce you women-I-adore to each other! Do say yes and come along!




Welcome to Soulsisters!

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“Soulsisters” is a coin termed by the unstoppable Jen Lemen and adopted by one of her many partners-in-crime, Rachelle Mee-Chapman of Magpie Girl. It’s used to describe someone who is simpatico with a certain way of be-ing. In this case soulsisters are creative women with sensitive spirits, an irreverent sense of humor, and passions which simply cannot be denied. (Are you feeling it? Uh huh…I know you are!)


In an attempt to gather these souls into pockets of encouragement, support, and the occasional friendly kick-in-the-ass, Rachelle is launching  her first Soulsister’s Retreat in July of 2009. This site is currently set up to support that retreat.


If you are one of the FABU nine who are coming to this first gathering, all the info you need will be here. And if you aren’t — we wish you were!  Hold on…we’re coming your your way!We’re figuring out the nuts and bolts so your very own tribe can get born.  In the meantime browse around for some inspiration, and check out the Soulsister’s 09 blogs and sites for inspiration while you wait.


It’s the soulsister’s hope that from this one retreat a movment of localized groups will grow to help keep us sane as we live, and move, and have our be-ing. So keep dreaming! We’re saving creative souls one tribe at a time!


Much Warmth,



Want to keep track of what’s going on with Soulsisters?  Follow or friend Magpie Girl.


Can’t wait to get started? Check out the  How to Build Your Soultribe series for help.